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Champion Precast has been promoting precast concrete products for over 30 years. But still today the number one question we get when we are trying to convert a contractor who is thinking pour-in-place is “how do you get the precast concrete product into the excavated opening?” Well, either Champion Precast will place it there with one of our many modern boom trucks or if it is over the boom’s capacity a crane will be utilized. The next question by the contractor is “we now have to purchase rigging?” “NO”, Champion Precast will design the lifting system required with a 4:1 safety ratio for lifting anchors and furnish the rigging that is needed to get the precast concrete product installed. In a recent project we furnished a 25’x6’x7’ID Utility Vault to go around existing communication cables. Not only was the vault installed in one afternoon, the project cost was reduced by 15% by using precast over pour-in-place.

Precast concrete is used in a wide range of applications including utility vaults, architectural retaining wall panels, free-standing walls, barriers, and sewer manholes to name a few. Lifting, moving, and positioning the precast concrete products can be quite cumbersome due to the weight, size, and shape of the product. Fortunately, there are many options available to handle precast products even products weighting over 60,000# lbs. With accurate planning precast concrete products can be transported to the job site, lifted off and then placed into position using these innovative lifting devices.

Champion Precast prides itself on making the job of contractors who use precast concrete products easier, more productive, and more cost effective. The bottom line is earning a reputation for delivering high-quality work requires focusing on exceeding the client’s expectations, being on time and within budget on every project. That reputation results in the return of many happy customers and a company culture that empowers employees to perform to the best of their abilities.


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